These Athletes Rich because Sponsors

David and Victoria Beckham pose beside one of Bentley cars that they have.

It is not uncommon for world -class athletes life wallowing in wealth . Monthly salary or honorarium from the club every match they receive value could reach hundreds of millions of dollars , earnings beat CEOs or executives leading companies .

The athletes also have other sources of income which makes them more thick wallet . The funding comes from sponsors or commonly called endorsement , which signed them as commercials or specific product ambassador .

Athletes who have a brilliant reputation usually endorsed by well-known products . Payment contract value could reach trillions of dollars . Not to mention a specialized product support for the athlete that can be used during the match .

Votetomas site has a list of athletes who grasped the value of hundreds of millions of dollars of endorsement contracts . Here are some of them .

1 . Derrick Rose

Sports : basketball
Sponsor : Adidas
Contract value : U.S. $ 200 million
Contract period : 13 years

2 . Rory Mc Ilroy

Sports : golf
Sponsors : Nike
Contract value : U.S. $ 200 million
Contract period : 10 years

3 . David Beckham

Sport : Football
Sponsor : Adidas
Contract value : U.S. $ 160 million
Contract period : lifetime

4 . Tiger Woods

Sports : golf
Sponsors : Nike
Contract value : U.S. $ 100 million
Period of contract : 5 years

5 . LeBron James

Sports : basketball
Sponsors : Nike
Contract value : U.S. $ 93 million
Period of contract : 7 years

This 3 Trends in E – Commerce

Chief Executive Officer Lazada , Magnus Ekbom , reveals three trends online purchase alias e – commerce that drive growth across the world .

” First is the trend of mobile devices access the line with the growth of smart phones and digital slate , ” said Magnus . He said as many as 62 percent of visits to the site per day Lazada comes from mobile devices .

To support such access , Lazada already creating applications for the Android platform and iOS devices . ” In the near future there will be apps for Windows Phone and BlackBerry , ” said Magnus .

Second , the trend of e – commerce marketplace or similar forms of market . He cited Lazada shaped like an online marketplace , which provides products from thousands of merchants from all over the world . Merchants are divided into two categories , namely individual businesses as well as companies .

The third trend is a form of content marketing to spur social nature . The trick , namely through social media and instant messaging services , such as LINE , Path , WhatsApp , KakaoTalk and . ” Social Elements is very important for companies in marketing their products , ” said Magnus .

As for other strategies to encourage the growth of online selling is to build trust . Magnus said , in building confidence , holding Lazada reliable logistics partner and provide assurance of the product delivered .

As for payment methods , currently serving system Lazada payment via bank transfer , credit card and cash on delivery ( COD ) . “Most of the bank transfer , credit card and COD , ” said Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Lazada .

Happy employees , the company did not lose

Thinking of making the company as the happiest workplace employees , it seems , has not become a habit leadership of the company in the world. Understandably , during the first half of the leaders usually spend their time thinking of completing the tax calculation , completion of the audit of financial statements , annual report preparation for the AGM , to pursue a sales target .

Meanwhile , during the second half , the whole time consumed to create a strategic plan for the next three years , preparing next year’s budget , the target chasing third and fourth quarters , and assessing performance for bonuses and salary increases .

However , in the United States ( U.S. ) , at least the last two years , the thought of making the company as the happiest workplace employees have seriously attempted to be realized . This contrasts with the view that it is not difficult to look for a new employee in the midst of the country’s economy has not fully recovered due to the increasing number of job seekers .

So , why should employees dibahagiakan thereby increasing corporate spending ? Typically , the final goal the company or at least the most important one of which is profit this year , next year , the year after , and so on . In fact , if the economy has not recovered so as not to allow the company to reward employee performance by raising wages , then established the company as the happiest workplace employee is the right decision .

Happy employees are more motivated to work better . In addition to that considered more valuable that are most likely to be retained by the company , the feeling of happiness will make them more creative to find new revenue opportunities or cost savings edges to increase profits .

Promising Online Travel Business

Integrated services and business trips are now becoming the choice of many people . Starting from vacation , business trip , transport aircraft , vehicle travel , rental car until the train tickets can now be easily accessed from . ” Service integration makes users seeking independent packet at a cheaper price , ” said Managing Director Tiket.Com , Gaery Undarsa , Tuesday, March 25, 2014 .

According Gaery , during the general election , as now, many users accessing services and business trips . With a variety of service options , accessor can book tickets and hotels online .

Since its launch in late 2011 , he said , the company experienced a positive development . The company won the trust established partnership in providing travel services with 10 national airlines , 1,800 in Indonesia and 85 thousand international hotel .

One of the international hotel chain to work together with Tiket.Com is Tune Hotels Group . Group hotel business spread across Malaysia , Indonesia , the UK , India , Japan , Thailand , the Philippines and Australia also connected airline AirAsia.

According Gaery , during 2013, the online travel sales increased by 1,400 percent over the previous year . This business will continue to grow along with the presence of ticket booking services and tourism vehicle car rental reservations this year.

Attract Teens, Disney Buy Video Youtube Supplier

The Walt Disney Co. bought Maker Studio , one of a network of multi – channel supplier of video to YouTube site for U.S. $ 500 million . This transaction allows Disney to expand their market among teenagers .

Reuters reported, Disney targeting a significant increase in value for the Maker , after the acquisition is running , and the company was working on target . Maker Value can soar up to U.S. $ 950 million if successfully catapulted Disney ‘s market share in the segment teens .

According to Executive Vice President of Disney , Kevin Mayer , the company now has the opportunity to penetrate the online video market . Maker operating since 2009 is the largest supplier of YouTube videos and have a strong image among adolescent Internet users .

However , Mayer did not say what the project will be produced by Maker after the acquisition is running . ” Clearly , Maker gives us access to penetrate markets Internet -savvy younger generation , ” he said .

Currently , Maker makes and distributes video to 380 million viewers through 55 thousand Youtube channel . Every month , the access of the video Maker reach 5.5 billion visitors . The company is backed by several investors , such as Time Warner Investments , Upfront Ventures , and Greycroft Partners .

Facebook and Google Ad are Market Master ” Mobile “

Ad spending on mobile platforms this year is predicted to reach 31.45 billion U.S. dollars , up 75.1 percent compared to last year . This figure is almost a quarter of the total ad spending by 2014 .

Two IT giants , Facebook and Google , referred to as the primary driver of increased advertising on the handheld device .

It was revealed from the data released by eMarketer website on Wednesday ( 03/19/2014 ) . In fact , when combined , revenue Google and Facebook from mobile advertising in 2013 reached 6.92 billion U.S. dollars .

The second contribution of the IT giants to reach 75 percent of total mobile advertising revenue of 9.2 percent . As such , Facebook and Google controls two-thirds market share mobile advertising around the world .

EMarketer Facebook called into enterprise market share shot . In 2012, the social networking controls only 5.4 percent of the global advertising market . However , in 2013 , the figure jumped to 17.5 percent . eMarketer predicts market share Facebook alone this year will reach 21.7 percent .

Meanwhile , Google is still a company that dominates the market of mobile advertising around the world . In 2013 , Google controls 50 percent market share in the segment of mobile advertising . For this year , eMarketer predicts Google’s market share will decline precisely because of the rapid growth of advertising on Facebook .

Its own mobile advertising market will continue to grow in the future . The more the amount of Facebook ad revenue from mobile advertising is also an indication that the future Facebook will be more serious in the mobile segment .

ADB: Asian Bond Market U.S. Stimulus Undisturbed Withdrawal

Asian Development Bank (ADB) noted, the bond market conditions in Asia better, despite the withdrawal of monetary stimulus in the United States (U.S.). The condition occurs in nine Asian countries.

ADB’s Office of Regional Economic Integration, said that it refers to the results of the Asia Bond Monitor report released today, Thursday, March 20, 2014. The report photographed bond market conditions during the fourth quarter and its development during 2013.

Although there is little interference related issues tapering, apparently Asian bond market will simply hold that issue.

He explained that the bond market in the first quarter of this year and the fourth quarter of last year continued to show improvement. Improvement was evident from the bond offering today. In addition, the yields offered the lower and stable.

The decrease in yield occurred in January-March, at the time of tapering off is done. Lower than in May last year that the new talks tapering.

During 2014, the withdrawal of monetary stimulus is expected to continue. These conditions will lead the United States to raise bond yields and capital flows back into the country.

However, the results of monitoring of ADB, to the present trend of foreign capital outflows from Asian countries have not been seen. In fact, the current capital inflow in Asian countries is likely to increase. Development is quite positive.

After Bankruptcy, Living Longer Bitcoin Exchange

Website largest bitcoin exchange in the world , Mt.Gox , the service was shut down and filed for bankruptcy protection in late February 2014 . Now , bitcoin exchanges from Tokyo, Japan , was reopened for service on the web site allows users to log -in .

Since Tuesday ( 03/18/2014 ) ,Mt.Gox invite users to verify the digital wallet and checks and balances . The data displayed is the latest data available users on the server before Mt.Gox close the service .

In the site there is a notice , ” Please note that confirm the balance on this site are not associated rehabilitation claims under the civil rehabilitation procedures and to note also that the balance amount displayed on this site is not the amount of rehabilitation claims users . “

The information contained in the site Mt.Gox available in Japanese and English .

Furthermore , Mt.Gox will notify method for filing a claim if they ‘ve been in that situation allows .

Since February 7, 2014 , Mt.Gox suspend customer transactions for exchanges that detects unusual activity on their system .

Then on February 25, 2014 , Mt.Gox shut down the web site and emptied chirp on Twitter . Three days later , Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy protection to the Government of Japan .

The company claimed a total loss of 850,000 bitcoin is worth nearly 500 million U.S. dollars . Of these , 750,000 are owned bitcoin bitcoin 100,000 customers and others are corporate assets .

CEO of Mt.Gox Mark Karpeles said that the bankruptcy was caused by the weakness of the security system so that there are hackers who entered into the system and steal bitcoin .

Focus on your strength

Most managers would be furious if his men do wrong . For them , it’s time to see the men with ” explore” his mistake . This manager will leverage mistakes ever made ​​of his men .

Instead of limiting the discussion to the current error , the manager even highlight the weaknesses of his men . One point of error will be drawn to and fro like a rubber until all the power is held and achievements men drowned by weakness disclosures .

Is it characteristic of great managers?

Mere true what teacher management Peter Drucker said: ” A person should not be placed in a managerial position if his vision focuses on the weaknesses of his men and not on their strengths. “

Similarly , teachers in general management did say that effective leaders will focus on strength , on the positive things . That power includes the power of their own , the power of the people he led, the power of the people around him, as well as the strength of the organization. Great manager, effective leader, will absorb all the energy of that and put it together so that it has a powerful.

One key to effective management is to create a ” force to be effective and weaknesses irrelevant . ” Focus on strength principles that must be upheld – this theme was explored by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton in Now, Discover Your Strength . When this power is able to be deployed , the weakness will be covered . People will no longer talk about his weaknesses.

As any manager , you have a weakness . But you are assisted by others who fill these gaps – and in others it may be your subordinates , your coworkers, your assistant . What is required of you as a manager are certain powers that others do not have it.

Fun Reading Novel Biography in Frame

Without any money, Vincent van Gogh walk as far as 170 km. This long journey takes sole shoe soles, he grew bushy beard, squeeze the fat body, and make the people who passed away face.

Irving Stone, Lust for Life in, successfully demonstrated the viewpoint of the painter Vincent van Gogh that what he is doing, which is deemed odd by others, is a mere commonplace. Diligently, through detailed descriptions, imaginative conversation, Stone takes us down a long drive to insanity through umpteen rejection, humiliation, sorrow, and misunderstanding experienced by this painter.

Stone, through in-depth studies over private letters van Gogh and his brother Theo, reveals the extraordinary life of this painter since the novice painter to death in madness. Theo not only play a role as a financial backer, but also buttresses his brother emotionality. The death of Vincent at the age of 37 years (1853-1890) Theo make life miserable. Following the death of his brother Theo 6 months later. ” And in death, they are inseparable ” – wrote Irving Stone.

Despite extensive research based, and Stone visited places never visited by Vincent van Gogh, such as Antwerp and Paris, but he did not write ‘ biography pure ‘. Stone wrote the story of Dutch descent painter ‘s life as a novel. And he succeeded in forcing me to read it in the shortest possible time.

Biographical novel is always captivating to read. Fiction approach gives flexibility to the author to turn the lives of those who narrated in it. Stone, for example, take advantage of the flexibility in creating pithy dialogue, both between Vincent with himself, and with fellow painter contemporaries, such as Paul Gauguin.