This is one scary findings in the modern age

Sociologist Daniel Bell called the system of purchase by way of debt that are represented by the credit card as one of the two most fearsome human invention after gunpowder.

Credit cards side by side with ads, in eyewear Bell, has been deconstructed society paradigm thinking about the principle of self-control. Bell shouts 1960s prying it seems still relevant in these days.

In the private sphere, we can feel his own onslaught of product variants through credit card advertising. The lure of “ease” with credit card transactions, ranging from clothes shopping, tickets, and so on, one after another tease.

If you rate your life could be easier with a credit card, not a matter of deciding to have a credit card. The key remains in self-control. Using it wisely while you see a crack in an optimal utilization of the pitfalls you can avoid credit card bitter.
Credit card products offer superior price discounts in cooperation with certain vendors. Rather than take advantage of the discount for consumption purposes alone, why not try to turn it into a productive instrument?

For example, use a credit card for goods wholesale and then resold at a discount on the interest margin debt. Purchasing system like this can only be done when we already know the flow of merchandise to sell and buy, also certainty the amount that can be resold.

You can pursue payment of bills before the due date so that you are free of interest. As a result, the credit card consumer debt identical as you can change into venture capital. Of course, it can be taken after careful and mature calculate your profit or loss?

Facebook Stocks Gain, U.S. Stocks Keep Going

Stocks on Wall Street ended higher on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) local time (Wednesday morning GMT ) , supported a positive earnings report and a great deal of pharmaceutical sector , sending the sixth day winning streak for the S & P 500 and the Nasdaq composite index .

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 65.12 points ( 0.40 percent ) at 16,514.37 , the third day in a row a profit .

The S & P 500 added 7.66 points ( 0.41 percent) at 1879.55 , while the Nasdaq rose 39.91 points ( 0.97 percent) to 4161.46 .

The reports strong earnings , among others, come from Comcast , Lockheed Martin , Netflix , Travelers and Xerox .

” If you look at the overall market , we saw a lot of surprises in terms of earnings , ” said David Levy , portfolio manager at Kenjol Capital Management .
” Market sentiment seems to have turned much more positive , ” he said .

Levy said technology stocks has resurfaced as a leader after falling for most of March and early April . These include Facebook , which rose 2.9 percent , Tesla Motors rose 7.0 percent and 1.8 percent increases Gilead Sciences .

Netflix streaming video company surged 7.0 percent as quarterly earnings exceeded one billion dollars and the company added four million new customers .

Valeant Pharmaceuticals , backed by activist shareholder William Ackman , offered to take over the maker of Botox , Allergan , worth more than 45 billion U.S. dollars . Valeant rose 7.5 percent , while Allergan rose 15.3 percent .

Member of the Dow , McDonald , reported a 5.2 percent drop in profit to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars , translated to 1.26 dollars per share , three cents below expectations . McDonald’s shares slumped 0.4 percent .

Became a millionaire because of rent warehouse

Thirty years ago the UK had no luggage storage industry but has now become the largest in Europe .

Some entrepreneurs get rich from renting the place empty .

” Warehouse … not a shopping center , not a hotel , or fashion , and it does not look like a sexy product , ” as stated by James Gibson , co-founder of Big Yellow Self Storage Company , warehouse rental company in the UK .

Although not a sexy business , but the industry is successfully passing the recession that occurred in the UK , with an annual income of nearly £ 500 million .

Industrial warehouse evolve with changes in sociology .
Professor of the University of Oxford , Danny Dorling , said the public now has six times more goods than previous generations .

Household items such as clothing , furniture , technology , and various other ornaments included in the list of items that require storage space in homes in Europe .

Human instinct which tends to store the goods become perfect conditions for entrepreneurs warehouse .

One of them is Mr Rodger Dudding readily , garage biggest employers in the UK with an estimated portfolio of over £ 100 million .

But an attempt to become a millionaire is not easy because he had started his career with around every Sunday morning to get the garage and hide behind the houses of citizens .

However , the owners of large goods storage companies generally agree that the more difficult and costly to obtain the necessary building and space , thus causing expansion began to slow.

Economic Influence of Drugs and Prostitution

The UK economy will get a £ 10 billion additional input from drugs and prostitution .

Office for National Statistics that will perform calculations confirmed this at an economic forum last week and will publish details next month .

Income from prostitution is £ 3 billion while drug £ 7 billion.
The European Union has announced that illegal activity should be included in the balance sheet so that the country can see a comparison between European countries .

In the Netherlands , for example , some drugs are banned in Europe allowed to circulate , and prostitution is legal .

The EU wants all member states to do the calculation in the same way as the EU budget allocations based on each country ‘s GDP .

Household consumption Prostitution
The entry of illegal activity to the GDP is one of the changes that will balance calculation applied in European countries from September 2014.

For the UK , these activities will initially include marijuana production , drug smuggling , and prostitution , but is also expected to enter the labor illegal , gambling , software piracy , and fencing stolen goods .

Statistical power of Europe , Eurostat , has issued guidelines for measuring illegal activity , that says they have to predict that drugs and prostitution services consumed by households and not a business entity .

Statisticians only need to enter prostitution who have settled in the country in question is more than a year and more research is focused on revenue Prostitution compared to consumer demand because it is considered more accurate .

Related to ” Heartbleed ” , American Funds  Asking 825,000 Investors To Change Password

American Funds , one of the largest mutual fund managers in the United States , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , send an e – mail to the 825,000 investors and ask them to change the password . One vendor indicated they have affected bugs ” Heartbleed ” on the Internet .

American Funds spokesman Chuck Freadhoff , said the company issuing such notification in the form of prudence . ” We do not have evidence of the use of information or belief is no access to the accounts of investors , ” he said as he declined to name the vendor .

Previously , security researchers have warned about this Heartbleed findings . They explain Heartbleed is a security hole on its website or services over the Internet using OpenSSL protocol as pengenkripsi user data .

By exploiting loopholes Heartbleed on OpenSSL , hackers can steal information , although a website or service providers are already doing encryption marked with a ” padlock ” and the prefix ” https : ” in the URL .

Technology companies and the U.S. government considers Heartbleed as a serious threat . Bank and business unit has received a warning to be wary of the threat of cyber attacks with the theft of user data such as passwords and credit card numbers .

Among the tech companies that have issued warnings about Heartbleed are Cisco , Hewlett – Packard , IBM , Intel , Juniper Networks , Oracle , and Red Hat . Some software updates have been distributed , although several other technology companies initiate steps for creating a new “update ” to counteract this vulnerability .

Twitter, Buy Corporate Social Data Providers

Twitter announced that it has purchased the company’s social data providers , Gnip , to values ​​that are not disclosed on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . Twitter shares soared thanks to this announcement because social data is believed to be very attractive to corporate and government segments .

Twitter is in the stock price of 45.52 dollars at the close of trading on Tuesday , moving up 4.65 percent compared to the previous day .

Twitter said in a blog publications that deal with Gnip allows them to dig deeper analysis of 500 million per day posed chirp users .

Companies based in San Francisco , California , USA , before utilizing the data belonging to third party companies , namely Datasift and Dataminr , to buy and sell the data analysis chirp back to the corporate segment .

” The chirp of the public can reveal various insights . So many institutions academics , journalists , marketers , brands , politicians , and development , which regularly use Twitter and collect data to see trends , sentiment analysis , looking for news , connect with customers , and more , “said Jana Messerschmidt , Vice President of Twitter .

Gnip was founded in 2008 . They have teamed up with Twitter for four years , but also provides social data to content on Tumblr , WordPress , Reddit , Instagram , and Foursquare .

Ryan Sarver , a former director of the Twitter platform and now works for the company investors Redpoint Ventures , said the acquisition could immediately boost earnings Twitter . Because , there are hundreds of clients in finance , media , and government , which utilize Twitter data and are willing to pay to get the data.

These Athletes Rich because Sponsors

David and Victoria Beckham pose beside one of Bentley cars that they have.

It is not uncommon for world -class athletes life wallowing in wealth . Monthly salary or honorarium from the club every match they receive value could reach hundreds of millions of dollars , earnings beat CEOs or executives leading companies .

The athletes also have other sources of income which makes them more thick wallet . The funding comes from sponsors or commonly called endorsement , which signed them as commercials or specific product ambassador .

Athletes who have a brilliant reputation usually endorsed by well-known products . Payment contract value could reach trillions of dollars . Not to mention a specialized product support for the athlete that can be used during the match .

Votetomas site has a list of athletes who grasped the value of hundreds of millions of dollars of endorsement contracts . Here are some of them .

1 . Derrick Rose

Sports : basketball
Sponsor : Adidas
Contract value : U.S. $ 200 million
Contract period : 13 years

2 . Rory Mc Ilroy

Sports : golf
Sponsors : Nike
Contract value : U.S. $ 200 million
Contract period : 10 years

3 . David Beckham

Sport : Football
Sponsor : Adidas
Contract value : U.S. $ 160 million
Contract period : lifetime

4 . Tiger Woods

Sports : golf
Sponsors : Nike
Contract value : U.S. $ 100 million
Period of contract : 5 years

5 . LeBron James

Sports : basketball
Sponsors : Nike
Contract value : U.S. $ 93 million
Period of contract : 7 years

This 3 Trends in E – Commerce

Chief Executive Officer Lazada , Magnus Ekbom , reveals three trends online purchase alias e – commerce that drive growth across the world .

” First is the trend of mobile devices access the line with the growth of smart phones and digital slate , ” said Magnus . He said as many as 62 percent of visits to the site per day Lazada comes from mobile devices .

To support such access , Lazada already creating applications for the Android platform and iOS devices . ” In the near future there will be apps for Windows Phone and BlackBerry , ” said Magnus .

Second , the trend of e – commerce marketplace or similar forms of market . He cited Lazada shaped like an online marketplace , which provides products from thousands of merchants from all over the world . Merchants are divided into two categories , namely individual businesses as well as companies .

The third trend is a form of content marketing to spur social nature . The trick , namely through social media and instant messaging services , such as LINE , Path , WhatsApp , KakaoTalk and . ” Social Elements is very important for companies in marketing their products , ” said Magnus .

As for other strategies to encourage the growth of online selling is to build trust . Magnus said , in building confidence , holding Lazada reliable logistics partner and provide assurance of the product delivered .

As for payment methods , currently serving system Lazada payment via bank transfer , credit card and cash on delivery ( COD ) . “Most of the bank transfer , credit card and COD , ” said Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Lazada .

Happy employees , the company did not lose

Thinking of making the company as the happiest workplace employees , it seems , has not become a habit leadership of the company in the world. Understandably , during the first half of the leaders usually spend their time thinking of completing the tax calculation , completion of the audit of financial statements , annual report preparation for the AGM , to pursue a sales target .

Meanwhile , during the second half , the whole time consumed to create a strategic plan for the next three years , preparing next year’s budget , the target chasing third and fourth quarters , and assessing performance for bonuses and salary increases .

However , in the United States ( U.S. ) , at least the last two years , the thought of making the company as the happiest workplace employees have seriously attempted to be realized . This contrasts with the view that it is not difficult to look for a new employee in the midst of the country’s economy has not fully recovered due to the increasing number of job seekers .

So , why should employees dibahagiakan thereby increasing corporate spending ? Typically , the final goal the company or at least the most important one of which is profit this year , next year , the year after , and so on . In fact , if the economy has not recovered so as not to allow the company to reward employee performance by raising wages , then established the company as the happiest workplace employee is the right decision .

Happy employees are more motivated to work better . In addition to that considered more valuable that are most likely to be retained by the company , the feeling of happiness will make them more creative to find new revenue opportunities or cost savings edges to increase profits .

Promising Online Travel Business

Integrated services and business trips are now becoming the choice of many people . Starting from vacation , business trip , transport aircraft , vehicle travel , rental car until the train tickets can now be easily accessed from . ” Service integration makes users seeking independent packet at a cheaper price , ” said Managing Director Tiket.Com , Gaery Undarsa , Tuesday, March 25, 2014 .

According Gaery , during the general election , as now, many users accessing services and business trips . With a variety of service options , accessor can book tickets and hotels online .

Since its launch in late 2011 , he said , the company experienced a positive development . The company won the trust established partnership in providing travel services with 10 national airlines , 1,800 in Indonesia and 85 thousand international hotel .

One of the international hotel chain to work together with Tiket.Com is Tune Hotels Group . Group hotel business spread across Malaysia , Indonesia , the UK , India , Japan , Thailand , the Philippines and Australia also connected airline AirAsia.

According Gaery , during 2013, the online travel sales increased by 1,400 percent over the previous year . This business will continue to grow along with the presence of ticket booking services and tourism vehicle car rental reservations this year.