While some have more responsibilities than others, it is still amazing to see how some people are able to get more out of their days than others. How some people are able to get more out of their days than others. How does this happen when we are all so busy? It can be difficult to figure out how to be successful and how to make the most of the time that you have. Here are some tips for success :

The Great Ones Sweat the Small Stuff

However, if you talk to truly successful people, you will find that they do in fact sweat the small stuff. In fact many of the truly great successful individuals pay a great deal of attention to the small things. Remember that your smallest habits impact your future each and every day. Most successes and failures in life are actually the result of small errors in judgment over time, not large mistakes.


This is one of the best ways to increase your effectiveness to help promote growth not only in your personal life but your professional life as well. Determine how important each task is to determine which things need to get done first. Prioritizing your schedule is a great way to make sure your daily activities will help you work towards your long term goals.

Know the Difference Between Being Efficient and Effective

There is a difference between being efficient and effective. How you can be effective with your actions and get the most out of the actions you do complete. How you can be efficient with your time and get the most out of the time that you put in. Focusing on doing things that make you effective in a manner that is efficient is one of the best ways to find success.

Marketing is getting the right product or service in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time and making a profit in the process. Business marketing is the practice of individuals or organizations; they are doing promoting and selling products and/or services to the client. Like business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, relies on product, price, placement, and promotion to competitively position the product offerings, promote the brand, and efficiently use company resources.

Marketing is about identifying and understanding your customer and giving them what they want. It’s not just about advertising and promoting your business. Business marketers use different channels to reach their target audiences. Effective marketing is a result of examining every aspect of your business and how it affects the consumer’s end experience.

A successful business operator understands what they are offering the customer and how it differs from their competitors. What are you offering your customers? A good marketing plan will also provide with clear objectives so you can benchmark your achievements and measure the success of your marketing endeavors.

Day to day operation of your business have a flow-on effect on the customer’s experience, even if it’s simply ensuring that orders are effectively managed. Think about the following aspects of business operation: systems, quality control, planning, review, continuous improvement, and documentation and feedback channels.

Seeing the success of those really fun, but do you also know how to become a successful businessman? From the stories of their lives we will understand that raising a business that cannot be done overnight. Their journey to success through the process definitely colored by the challenges and failure. But they were able to get up again and again.

Entrepreneurial spirit may be difficult to explain in detail, but the spirit of entrepreneurship has some special features. The entrepreneurial spirit is often associated with the business world and are not always attached to a successful businessman.

8 ways to improve the entrepreneurial spirit:

1. uniqueness
The spirit of entrepreneurship is characterized by the ability to generate unique ideas, original, and intelligent. With intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit will have to find opportunities in every opportunity. example: Steve Jobs. In addition to creating a sophisticated Apple IPOD, it is also carrying out a modern marketing by leveraging communication technology so that its products are quickly absorbed by the market.

2. Creativity
People should have the creativity and create opportunities and unique products as well as full benefits. Creative because they actively learn and adopt new techniques to create progress.

3. Courage at risk
People who have an entrepreneurial spirit has tremendous courage in the face of risk. The risks they face are high because the approaches they did according to the rapid change. Although brave face risk, they are adept at taking into account the risks and are not sloppy.

4. Security business
A businessman who has the entrepreneurial spirit is very skilled at seeing a niche business that can generates profits with minimal risk. Their courage in stepping always balanced with the expertise they need to meet the challenges and increased confidence.

Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development

Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development
Marketing and Business Development
marketing and business development
marketing and business development

marketing and business development

bsmAccessing new markets allows a company to broaden its reach and increases its potential to sell products and services to more customers. Leaders of professional services firms can begin to increase the returns on their marketing and sales investments by asking one simple question: Are marketing and business development playing the same game, on the same team, and using the same game plan and scorecard?

This increase in sales can also boost the bottom line of the business. In order to help to ensure a successful transition, company executives need to develop the strategies to use in order to penetrate the new market. Business development strategies can include marketing promotions, advertising, public relations and any other activities the company uses to promote its products or services and reach its new intended customer.  Many marketing and business development groups within the same firm use different metrics to gauge their respective performance. That can put them at cross–purposes. It also usually fails to give firm leaders a solid indication of whether revenues are poised to grow or shrink.

When developing business marketing strategies, it is imperative to consider the new segment the company is trying to reach. Most companies conduct their own marketing research or employ a market research company to conduct such research. Market research is made of two parts: target market research and competitive research. A much higher percentage of those leads turn into work, and much faster, The key is that the most successful firms:

Work with the team is very wonderful because they can share knowledge and jobs in order to get good results. But is it that easy? A team of a few people will have various differences character are not the same. How do you build your team to become a successful team?

To build a Winning Team, you must have:

1. Have Strong Leadership, they are no longer ignore the working hours or salary advance, but they have a value that is pursued.

2. must have the same GOALS, it can be got by, routinely communicates the GOALS to be achieved by the company (mission and vision).

3. Have the same Beliefs, it’s important to be in the Team, no one forgot to take off the “parking brake” while others are “Walk on”

4. have an Action Plan that serves as a small Sasaran2 that is a Breakdown of the company’s Big Plan, to ensure the effectiveness of the Team.

5. Have a functioning Monitoring System to make sure all of the Action Plan and the Team remained in the outline plan of the company.

6. Have a clear Training and Planning in Floristic: Skill, motivation and a corporate culture that can ensure the Team grow.

Success comes not from one action continues to Stop. Success comes from building a HABIT!

Do you want to get rich? It must be hard working, have attitudes and motivation to move forward. Along with this I give you little tips and secrets for getting rich. The Secret To Be Rich today, are the ones who are afraid to Lose will continue to do similar things in his life, What a loser..?? Robert T Kiyosaki describes what is being done by a loser:

1. they are still maintaining his marriage which is no longer built by love.

2. those who underwent an occupation, even though they know no  good prospects are.

3. those who save old clothes and “stuff” that They never wear.

4. those who remain live in cities that do not have a future for them to dwell.

5. those who remain friends with people they already know they are blocking progress.

Then avoid all the things above, hurry up Move on so that the chance of succeeding is increasingly clear.


APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. APEC was established in 1989. APEC aims to reinforce economic growth and strengthen the community of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC is the premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. Free and open trade and investment helps economies to grow, create jobs and provide greater opportunities for international trade and investment

Ministerial meeting APEC leaders the upcoming November 2014, in Beijing, Tiongkok, Indonesia was to devise strategies to face the timing plan realization of Asia-Pacific free trade area or a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) which is being formulated forum Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC).

On the November meeting, Tiongkok plans to push an agreement for enforcing the FTAAP in 2025 with the business feasibility study was preceded in 2015-2016.

Establishment of the FTAAP has been the goals of APEC to overcome, since 2006 the negative impact of increasing Regional Trade Agreement (RTA) and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the Asia-Pacific region. FTA/RTA preference is one of the countries in the world today in terms of the approach to trade liberalization.

Director General of international trade Cooperation (KPIS) of the Ministry of Commerce said Bachrul Chairi, INDONESIA Indonesia is very concerned to give color and shape of the architecture of the FTAAP imaginable will be formed later. “We designed a strategy to face the FTAAP to suit the interests of Indonesia,” he said

According to Bachrul, establishment of the FTAAP is a great tool to achieve Regional Economic Integration (REI) Asia Pacific which embodies mutual welfare. For Indonesia, the FTAAP will be implemented when the 2025, pause time is necessary to do the preparations in the next few years so that the FTAAP in accordance with national interests.

inGenerally the person who already has a well established business that finally forgot about the importance of innovation, business that is conducted continuously. Because of the many successful people certainly would say businesses that continue to innovate is a leading and successful business.

If you had enough to know the business world, surely you’ve learned from the errors that you have ever made. Then learn from your mistakes to fix it then attempts rise again and just maybe it will go down again, that’s what the name of the business. Then hurry up move to create an innovation to business continuity you keep it running and growing.

Reasons do innovations in your business:

1. Business innovation necessary to keep your business can meet the needs of customers and also would continue to relevance for consumers.

Increasingly consumers increasingly have a character who loves to use practical products. The reason is of course because they increasingly have more or less time. If the first acne medication-shaped powder mixed water and to use it, now people tend to prefer the powder in liquid form that is inserted into the plastic bottle.

2. Business innovation that provides great advantages.

We take the example of a company that is very big in the world such as Apple which is always innovating in developing their products. Loyal Apple customers are willing to wait for the latest product from Apple, despite its newest products in every price could reach double that of previous products. Even Apple’s customers were willing to queue up to be the first buyer at the time of the launch. They are willing to buy at a price high enough to actually buy because of the innovations offered by Apple. Why is this run certainly because profit margins for the company.

kayaSometimes a person has a desire to become a millionaire. Millionaire want to dream is the right of every human being. The dream can be accomplished by someone both women and men with a note that you have to do. Is it easy or difficult to become a millionaire? Become a millionaire step can be done with hard work, educate yourself for the discipline, and build something to be treasured. Want to be a millionaire?

5 tips to become a Millionaire who quoted from the Daily Finance:

1. Invest

When you receive an unexpected legacy as sustenance, cash rewards, and bonus, don’t spend it. We recommend that you invest, and do not spend money for shopping or partying. You can refrain from shopping goods whose value can go down. You should be able to invest in the stock market by buying shares. However select stocks from a company have a good track record. In addition, we recommend that these funds are not only used in one basket of investments but also to diversify as well when buying the company’s stock.

2. Life saver

The proverbial life saver indeed often heard. However, we recommend that you do that advice because of something that is desired can be implemented. You can’t build wealth when you spend more money than is saved.

3. Continue to invest little by little

When living under your ability by not raising your lifestyle despite getting a raise and promotion, you can have more money to invest. One of the secrets to investing in the stock market has also been investing with a small amount of funding at regular intervals.

You can invest in mutual funds. In addition, you can also take advantage of buying shares when the stock price was low, and sell them when the stock price was higher.


Business is selling, do you agree? What’s on sale? You sell Services or Goods? As good as anything a product without having managed to sell it then that business will not succeed. The problem is, not all businesses can sell. An awful lot of literature that explains how to become a successful salesman? Then the question is whether such literature is really effective for a being a successful salesperson? Not necessarily, then through this article, try to divide the science based on the experience of the people as a successful seller.

Successful selling in 9 steps

1. Be strong your mindset that the seller should continue to sell

However, a good investor response, potential partners who want to join, or the magnitude of the Commissioner and support management, never stop to sell. Just a little remiss with respect to this issue, will lose the best chance to succeed. Perseverance is the attitude you have to have, creative and communicative.

2. Sell it like running a marathon not a sprint.

So, don’t expect success in an instant a long struggle and the need to continuously. Develop innovative in responding to the investor or partner who has the potential to generate an increase in sales. Selling is a process that sometimes takes a long time.

3. Say “Yes” on the logical and emotional choices

Sales transaction requires a process that preceded it as fostering a relationship (relationship), the hearing to determine the needs of consumers, investing time and resources to build confidence. If everything is done correctly, say “Yes” to be the right choice, the logical and emotional.

4. Find out who our opponents talk