csA business can run properly if it has a loyal customer. Having more customers, the greater the profit due to increased sales. But so hard to maintain and establish loyal customers. Did you know that your customers are satisfied with the services you provide? It is very difficult to recognize the satisfaction of the customer.

Every day, every time, everyone is a customer. Customer service experience is something that everyone can relate to each other – so what makes for a strong customer service be? Generally, promotion is done by the words of mouth and social media, the company is not able to provide impeccable customer service. This article I try to give a little review about: how to focus on the basics of customer service? Try the following tips to assist your company in implementing exceptional customer service.

Ask a question
It is very important to do because you will know exactly what customers expect. This makes it possible for you to manage expectations and also measure what your customers will provide benefits to the company.

Being a good listener to your customers.
When a customer speaks or claim, you should listen well. Customers will feel respect with this attitude; the customer was given a special attention to what he expected. So you can also be a solution to the problem solvers faced by your customers. In addition, customers sometimes need an outside opinion to hear them. This will lead to a strong sense of trust between you and your customers.

Communicate well and regularly
Good business practice is to always be in front of your customers. Build a good communication and right, so you can keep the talk you into a good situation. With smooth communication it will form a good deal anyway. It shows that you are professional workers. Remember, you are there to make their jobs easier and more efficient.


Marketing Revolution, what is it? Often times we hear these words in various seminars. Let us discuss the definition of the marketing revolution. Definition of marketing revolution: marketing is a market; revolution means big and fast. So can we conclude that the definition of marketing revolution offers to the target market resulting in continuous sales accurately and fast? America in the first half of the nineteenth century did the market revolution. It is recognized that a radical change has taken place and that these changes are key to the character and size of the market.

Emphasis on the word “market” refers to the new mindset adopted by manufacturers in planning and distributing their goods. As for the word “Revolution” is a change in power or organizational structures that occur in a relatively short time.

To maintain a sustainable sale in the market, buyers and sellers should benefit. Because this is give a
Positive impact for both. If only occur profits on the one hand, the sale will be stopped. Then how you can create offers on the market that will give an advantage to both the seller and the buyer, and they can trust each other. This is a challenge that must be learned to achieve your targets. For example: you offer a luxury car at a low price and prizes as well, but you offer it to a beggar, maybe you will be ridiculed, however, if this beggars have spirited entrepreneur or read and understand the meaning of the Marketing Revolution, it could be that she is a prospective buyer appropriate. Because he will be practice brokers.

What is the practice broker? Practice broker is a person who acts as a liaison among the two parties concerned. In practice more on those who would do the buying and selling. The broker using and following the rules, marketing revolution not wearing important rule offers viable.


Did you ever think your life will be in 24 hours a day? What do you do? If you are a businessman, what you do in 24 hours? 24 hours a day this applies to every person, without exception, as a businessman, students, housewives, children, employees and all professions. They all have the same time i.e. 24 hours a day. However I would like to discuss this“24 hours” in the business world.

A lot of works make us forget about the “live” and just do the routine job every day. You also forgot the about your dream when the first time you want to run a business or work, “passion” will also be reduced in line with your busy schedule of work. This is a warning that you should be aware of this because if you let it be, the dreams and your success can be delayed. Maybe we can flash back, after so many years of work, what we get? Did your knowledge grow? Is your life goals have been achieved? What is future of your dreams? Being rich, have a position in your office, or are a success person. This is all you should think about carefully.

There is one question that we often encounter; maybe even you also ask this question. The question is: What kind of work can be a big success? Focus and learning, this is the most powerful weapon to make all the work could be a big success. Learn the things that are hard to do, which is different from the others, and provide more value or very useful for many people.

angkringan2You would like to open a business, but very minimal capital? What would you do? Some people may give up and not be in business, but those who have the entrepreneurial spirit is definitely trying hard to build his business despite minimal capital. This article would like to discuss some type of home-based business that can be successful even with small capital.

Capital is what I mean here is the material capital and non-capital material, especially material capital. If the non-material capital is the intention of ourselves, expertise, and others. Both of these capitals must exist if we are to succeed in any business. Capital expertise and intentions that no material capital, it will be very difficult to develop. Did you agree? Ok, here are some home-based businesses that can be successful with a small capital.

1. Opens Enterprises Snacks

There are many types of businesses snacks that can be found around us. For example, various fried snacks (eg, fried banana, fried tofu, fried tempe, etc.), Crepes, pastries, and much more. One of the home-based businesses that I think is a pretty successful venture fried.

Fried efforts may seem trivial to some, and probably most of us do not want to run this business. As testimony: I have an acquaintance that has a business selling fried spicy tofu. He made the brand their business with Jupe (Juara Pedas =very Spicy). Initially I consider this business mocks due to selling out, which can gets a big profit? Turns out this is not just any business, he managed to expand its business through franchising. Currently he has around the 60 franchise partners. She earns in a month was able to beat the salary level manager office workers. It turned out that the money the seller knows much more than cooking in the manager’s office.

drop2You must have heard about dropship business, or maybe you are trying to run a business dropship. If you do not already know, the Dropship is a system of selling a product online where the seller / retailer does not have to have a large capital or the product itself. Dropship system is different with the system that requires the seller Reseller / retailer to buy the product to the supplier / owner of the goods to stock, and then sold to consumers by taking advantage of the difference in the price of goods.

Furthermore, a seller / reseller do not have to bother to work on the delivery of goods to the buyer because the supplier will does it. Packing / wrap the goods delivered to the buyer will be written that the goods delivered by the seller / retailer, so our credibility as a dropshipper well maintained.

In order for us as a seller / retailer successfully market the product from the supplier, then we must make the process of marketing both online and offline, but online is usually more effective way for most people. Some medium or media that we can use to market your products online is through forums, online store, personal blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter), through a Smartphone messenger application (BBM, WhatsApp, etc.), and other media.

Dropshipping business system is actually is simple. Sellers / retailers choose some products from suppliers that will be sold, and then take some photos of the products, the photos are uploaded to a marketing medium is accompanied with a brief description. If a purchase, then the consumer will chooses the items to be purchased and send the money in accordance with the price of the goods that you specify.

1121aNow, the business is growing fast in developing countries and big countries. Business, what is that? Do you know that means? Well in this article I try to explain what is the business? How become success in business. Business is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, to make a profit. Business consists of various types; there are small business, medium business and big business. All it has a different background when you run the business.

To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and have good planning skills and expertise within the organization. Many people say that the passion is the key to run your business, because without passion in yourself, your business will most likely not be able to run properly. People generally thinking, business is turn on the computer or open the door and to get earn money. Is that easy? Certainly not, get the money in the business is a lot harder than they thought. Expertise, knowledge, capital, fast acting, has a good plan, all of these steps are necessary in business to achieve success.

Tips for success in business

1. Passion
Do not start a business before your business passion has not grown in you. Grown your passion so you can have loved to will lead to your business. To be successful in business you must be organized. A good way to do this is to make a to-do list every day – after you complete each item, check it off your list. This will ensure that you do not forget anything and you complete all of the tasks that are important to the survival of your business.

Many people often experience running a small business bankruptcy. They cannot manage the finances, this is the main cause of failure of a small business. Through this article, try to give a simple tips about how to achieve success with a small business? Small businesses have to adjust each financial success and skill. It is difficult to do, however, it is key to the success of small business. Running a small business begins with the planning tactics like how your product can be known by the public? Surely the advertise. Then the location of your business. Keep in mind, the physical set out for your business, preparation, financing sources, preparation of marketing, and you can count on employees carefully. 
Here are tips for you about successful small businesses. 
Choosing the right business. Show your achievements in business so that you can correlate well. Choose a business that fits your skills and talents, so that it can allow you to run it. Choose a practical way to discriminate sales, determine the relevant price. For the first, look for as many customers, these are data base that is necessary, because the number of customers, you can ask for references from them to introduce your product. Fortunately a little but the volume may be sold very much. 
Use equipment that is simple but effective. Create catalogs per item that lets you check the availability of your items. Better to use your computer to ease the transaction. 
Carefully choose your employees. With a small business, you may find it easier to get to know your own employees and make them know. Because your employees can affect your achievements in business as well as the comfort level of your business, it makes the interests of skilled workers Hire and solid ethics. However, you can also find professional website hosting services. 
In addition, make a simple bookkeeping , with a simple accounting system will provides you the ease to look at the cash flow of your finances. Accounting software, you can use the computer. In addition it would be more fun, because at that time you will have to enter the real data. 


Shopping goods without money, can it be? Could be, the credit card is the answer. Credit card offers never stops. For those of you who are eager to have, it’s important to understand what are the things to consider before becoming an user. Create a troubled by credit card, we recommend that you check out the information below so as not to get stuck extended credit card debt.

Know You’re Shopping Style
Always remember that credit cards are a tool, not a tool to pay owed. Therefore, make sure You can afford the entire transaction by credit card when the bills arrive.

The use of a credit card should be planned. Are you the type of person who is going to pay off the card bill every month without fail or accept to have a credit card to have “balance” to use every month? Are you going to use it for shopping or just a case of an emergency?

If you believe you can pay off your bills, you don’t have to worry too much with the interest. Conversely, if it occurred to delay payment and make it as a reserve fund or “balance” to meet the needs, low interest credit card must be the primary consideration when choosing a card issuer.

The interest rate and the interest Calculation Method
When there is a credit card offer, beware of the magnitude of interest imposed by the Publisher. Note, if the interest monthly or yearly. Indonesia’s current average interest credit card per month is 2.95 percent or 35.4 percent per year. Its kind, can be fixed or floating interest alias can be changed at any time, depending on the development of indicators of interest.

U.S. National Security Agency , National Security Agency ( NSA ) , again reportedly steal data civilians . This time , according to secret documents published in The New York Times , Monday, June 1, 2014 , the NSA has collected millions of images of a global communications network that has a facial recognition program to identify and track targets of their intelligence .

In a report distributed by the Edward Snowden , called NSA uses sophisticated software to collect images from many sources , such as e – mails , text messages , social media , video conferencing , and other global communications . NSA officials explained , the data of the image is ” tremendous potential ” to conduct surveillance .

” This is a digital approach to improving routines on the Internet to compile biographical and biometric information targets , ” the document was created in 2010 .

But a spokesman for the NSA , Vanee Vines , told the CNET website that the program was designed in accordance with law and U.S. policy . Vines explained , this effort aims to find intelligence targets that may have a plan that could harm the U.S. and its allies .

” The identity of the collection allows the NSA to more easily identify and track targets , ” said Vines.

Besides the NSA , the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation ( Federal Bureau of Investigation / FBI ) has also been reported to do the same thing in April , by using facial recognition feature that is currently being developed . The FBI reportedly has 52 million images throughout the year . FBI explained , this step is done as a means to combat crime through digital lines .

Google plans to spend more than U.S. $ 1 billion to deploy hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth to provide Internet access to unserved areas in the world .

As written in The Wall Street Journal , the project is expected to begin with 180 high-capacity satellites that orbit the Earth at an altitude lower than traditional satellites . The effort was led by Greg Wyler , founder of startup O3b Networks satellite communications .

” The engineers have also been hired from the satellite company Space Systems / Loral to work on a project that could have a price range of more than U.S. $ 3 billion , ” said a person familiar with the project told The Wall Street Journal , as quoted by CNET , Sunday , 1 June 2014 .

Google has long been looking for ways to provide reliable Internet access to areas thrive without investing in an expensive ground-based infrastructure . Last June , the company launched a Loon Project – an initiative born from in- house facilities Skunkworks Google , Google X , to provide Internet via hot air balloon .

The balloons flying high the solar-powered , remotely controlled , and the wind can pass through the stratosphere 12 miles ( 19.3 km ) above the Earth ‘s surface – much higher than most of the plane ride . And , similar to the way satellite Internet works , the balloon was able to communicate with a special antenna and a receiving station on the ground .

Google seems to support that effort with its acquisition last April against Titan Aerospace , maker of solar -powered unmanned aircraft that can stay in the air for five years .