Business is selling, do you agree? What’s on sale? You sell Services or Goods? As good as anything a product without having managed to sell it then that business will not succeed. The problem is, not all businesses can sell. An awful lot of literature that explains how to become a successful salesman? Then the question is whether such literature is really effective for a being a successful salesperson? Not necessarily, then through this article, try to divide the science based on the experience of the people as a successful seller.

Successful selling in 9 steps

1. Be strong your mindset that the seller should continue to sell

However, a good investor response, potential partners who want to join, or the magnitude of the Commissioner and support management, never stop to sell. Just a little remiss with respect to this issue, will lose the best chance to succeed. Perseverance is the attitude you have to have, creative and communicative.

2. Sell it like running a marathon not a sprint.

So, don’t expect success in an instant a long struggle and the need to continuously. Develop innovative in responding to the investor or partner who has the potential to generate an increase in sales. Selling is a process that sometimes takes a long time.

3. Say “Yes” on the logical and emotional choices

Sales transaction requires a process that preceded it as fostering a relationship (relationship), the hearing to determine the needs of consumers, investing time and resources to build confidence. If everything is done correctly, say “Yes” to be the right choice, the logical and emotional.

4. Find out who our opponents talk


Korea, who does not know about Korea? The whole world was affected by the greatness of the country on this one. KPOP and Korea have become the culinary waffle from all countries in the world. Through this blog I try to share my inspiration for you who have a soul and employers who are hungry for profit in doing business. Now, franchise business is currently booming, especially from countries Korea is. Lots of culinary offers a variety of Ginseng. You are trying to calculate how much culinary Korea in 1 Mall.

For you to know why Korea was endeared by culinary many young entrepreneurs because Korea is identical to the culinary tastes odd. That’s what makes people to try out, so this is considered Korea’s culinary business will bring a great profit in the business of restaurant. Have you heard that Korea’s culinary synonymous with two things that are expensive and are not kosher (especially for people who are Muslim)

Therein lies the challenge for you, when you open a restaurant in this culinary Korea region that many people who are Muslim then you must be smart in the halal food ingredients processing, e.g. pork ingredients substituted with beef, the most important is the taste has not changed in the sense of equal in Korea. The use of spices you can combine between spice imports from Korea with local spices of your country, so that it can produce a flavor that suits the tongue of your country.

You may be interested with this Korea’s culinary franchise, there is some information you can get about this franchise. General investment starts with price 27,947,600.00 WON, or IDR 320 million (assuming 1 WON = $ 11.45) with the lease for 5 years.


We fired you with respect! Blaarrrr !!!!! At that moment it was like a thunder strike you! The words are a terrible word for many employees in a company. Fired is not fun. Besides causing economic problems, Termination of Employment (FLE) can also cause emotional burden that causes stress or depression. Then how to solve these problems? It is not easy to run this, through this paper can I hope shed some light to your heart.

Overcoming Emotional Burden of peak

It is burdensome for someone who is fired is a concern not able to make ends meet. Moreover, if you as the head of the family or family backbone. In addition, by not working to undermine the self-esteem of a person. It was very influential on a person’s emotions.

Instead of spending energy to worry that much, it would be better if the energy is done to make it more useful. Consider also that life will go, and not have to worry about things that have happened because it cannot be repeated. After all, is not necessarily all that you fear will happen. Do Move On to a brighter future.

Fox slowly your way of life, not as life ago. To motivated yourself, take a look around you there are people who are under your economy. It was heavy but it should run. Too regretting that has occurred can also make the body vulnerable to disease. Grow a sense of grateful that you stay strong.

Financial Troubleshooting complex

Save money, here’s what you should do, to limit spending a lot of money due to reduced income due to not working. Make it a family household budget with conditions in accordance with your finances after dismissal. With careful planning, you can certainly organize your finances better.

let goHuman life will not be detached from what is called a difficulty or burden of living. So too with businessmen, various difficulties it faces will. Unleash difficulties/problems is one key to return to rise from a wide range of difficulties.

As businesspeople, we all certainly never encountered a hard choice, and then make the wrong decision. Rather than simply the loss. And even threaten the company alias approaching bankruptcy.

Such incidents are certainly heavy for you run. However, do not be so weak and lost confidence. There are always ways to return success. According to a special cargo cars built-up from Japan — that do not want called his name — one way to rise is over a single phrase, “Let it go!” These entrepreneurs mentioned that there is always a certain risk for the businessman/entrepreneur. Several times, he suffered losses. Well, the decision to let it go (forget already, and focus on the current can be maximized) became the fastest solution to rise again.

Sure, it’s not as easy as it did. For those who feel “hard” to let it go, here are some tips:

1. Ask back on themselves, why I am be here?

This question seems simple, but it takes a deep contemplation. This relates to our original goal to become an entrepreneur. Why we choose so entrepreneur? Why we choose businesses that currently the Group? The motivation of what we have the today opened an effort? It is important, because with a goal that is for sure, it would be easy to redirect back to where we will continue our efforts of improvement step by.

2. It is more what can I do?


We know that the condition of the economy more difficult, many people are trying to find other ways to be able to fulfill the needs of their life. One popular way is by savings in spending money. But the effect is to provide a supper that should not have to happen. Then to fix the income it would be better if you can also increase revenue through additional income. Utilizing your hobby/interest as a source of additional revenue is a good way. It’s good you are reading this article, before you make use of your hobby as additional income, we first need to know some basic rules, I hope this article could provide new motivation for you:

Focus on the things that you like

I make sure that you have more than one hobby, then how to determine which one is the hobby does have a high value. Do not let you choose a hobby just because you think its likely a hobby to make money, and then we are trying with the hope to get money. You should think this hobby you do because you love it to do it; think of it just be a bonus only. In essence, you should focus on your hobby so whatever happens, you are not easy to give up, keep fighting because you love that hobby.

Be creative

Creative is something that keeps you challenged to create something new. If you are interested to make money from a hobby but you do not know where to start, think creatively. What skills you have but not owned by others? The definition of the word “hobby” is very broad to pin down widely. Looking for something we can do but is hard to do by others. So your hobby to be unique and will make other people willing to spend money to get it.

communityNo doubt you’ve been able to guess from the title of this article – Market Products through the community. Yes, its means by which understate the cost of your campaign. The community is the best tool to market your product range as it is today with the advancement of internet technology, almost all people in the world have conducted its activities over the internet, such as online shopping.

A mistake that we often do is to overcome a sense of desperation when the product you cannot sale and this resulted in the creation of a product the process stops. The trend is occurring now, brand owners vying to build a community to market its products. Many ways to market your product return that failed to shape up, which is a community that can help you market your product. As well as being performed by a reputable sports apparel brand American who chose to embrace community marketing strategies.

Then the question is? What exactly is the power of marketing in a community? The key is immediacy and understanding the needs of the market. When a business near a community, then it does not need to spend a lot of money to do market research.

The other advantage, of a community will foster a sense of loyalty is high. Humans are basically designed to feel like to be understood and owned. Those needs often can be met in a group, for example, families, clubs, and communities. When a business seeks to build a community, it was then that emotional attachment was created.

Then what should be done by the owner of the product to form a proper community base?

 1. Identify and Provide ease of

never give upFailing is a word that is very sad, frustrated and give up. A lot of businessmen were bankrupt after a failure. Generally they cannot rise again to keep trying. There are so many examples of people who failed but got up again and be successful. Bill Bartmann had been ups and downs in his business. In fact, he had lost a lot of possessions to stay home as an asset leaves. Bankruptcy was so deep because the business is worth $ 3 billion is lost in an instant, it’s very ironic. But Bill never gave up. There is always a lesson material from business failures. The spirit is what makes rapid rise. How we can rise from failure? This article tries to explain the essence of the lessons Bill.

5 Key Rise of failure to success:

  1. Do you ever think that the failure had never happened? Fear to admit failure, it is always a burden many people. Though denying that failure would lead to new problems such as stress and delay treatment to rise.
  2. Thing that could improve is the failure to stop and failure to declare all start focusing on goals that are more productive. Bill likens, as a teenager he was homeless and drinkers. And when that he always thought it was not his fault. In fact it the wrong way because there is no productive things he could do.
  3. Do not mix up the destination that failed and those that fail. Sometimes people blame themselves for failures, but it’s just a mental construct negative. Preferably, than we think we fail, better ask ourselves how we can fix it. Prepare mentally strong to get up again.
  4. Remember, failure is not only experienced by us. People who failed to achieve its goal, happens all the time. Nobody is always a success throughout his life. So, failing that belongs to everyone!

Working EffectivelyThe employee, you must work effectively and efficiently so that you can contribute to this company could produce. This phrase we often hear from your boss. Success is a choice every human being, to be successful is the right of every human being, but to be successful must go through a hard struggle and have to prepare and have the mindset of successful people.

Try to count, how many minutes are we “waste” to just check email when they want to work? How long will it helpful to be in vain because there are too many distracted list impromptu unstructured work? The results of the survey in the world of work finding the facts much wasted time to do the little things that you do not actually need. Then, a small thing what we should do to make the work more effective and efficient?

Include the following:

Make a list of priorities and stick work today

The priority list can help us select and sort any more important things for us to do. Get used to make notes so that the work can be completed structured and will produce the best.

Make a habit of daily work for review

Before starting the work, and when they want to end the assignment, review work can help us to guide the work the next day. These reviews help you to determine the next step, whether the work is retained or replaced.

Turn off the notifications that are not related to work

Social media and groups in the community has led to the concentration. If you want to stay connected, allocate time during breaks only. If you have too much time responding to such notification, the useful would be in vain.

csA business can run properly if it has a loyal customer. Having more customers, the greater the profit due to increased sales. But so hard to maintain and establish loyal customers. Did you know that your customers are satisfied with the services you provide? It is very difficult to recognize the satisfaction of the customer.

Every day, every time, everyone is a customer. Customer service experience is something that everyone can relate to each other – so what makes for a strong customer service be? Generally, promotion is done by the words of mouth and social media, the company is not able to provide impeccable customer service. This article I try to give a little review about: how to focus on the basics of customer service? Try the following tips to assist your company in implementing exceptional customer service.

Ask a question
It is very important to do because you will know exactly what customers expect. This makes it possible for you to manage expectations and also measure what your customers will provide benefits to the company.

Being a good listener to your customers.
When a customer speaks or claim, you should listen well. Customers will feel respect with this attitude; the customer was given a special attention to what he expected. So you can also be a solution to the problem solvers faced by your customers. In addition, customers sometimes need an outside opinion to hear them. This will lead to a strong sense of trust between you and your customers.

Communicate well and regularly
Good business practice is to always be in front of your customers. Build a good communication and right, so you can keep the talk you into a good situation. With smooth communication it will form a good deal anyway. It shows that you are professional workers. Remember, you are there to make their jobs easier and more efficient.


Marketing Revolution, what is it? Often times we hear these words in various seminars. Let us discuss the definition of the marketing revolution. Definition of marketing revolution: marketing is a market; revolution means big and fast. So can we conclude that the definition of marketing revolution offers to the target market resulting in continuous sales accurately and fast? America in the first half of the nineteenth century did the market revolution. It is recognized that a radical change has taken place and that these changes are key to the character and size of the market.

Emphasis on the word “market” refers to the new mindset adopted by manufacturers in planning and distributing their goods. As for the word “Revolution” is a change in power or organizational structures that occur in a relatively short time.

To maintain a sustainable sale in the market, buyers and sellers should benefit. Because this is give a
Positive impact for both. If only occur profits on the one hand, the sale will be stopped. Then how you can create offers on the market that will give an advantage to both the seller and the buyer, and they can trust each other. This is a challenge that must be learned to achieve your targets. For example: you offer a luxury car at a low price and prizes as well, but you offer it to a beggar, maybe you will be ridiculed, however, if this beggars have spirited entrepreneur or read and understand the meaning of the Marketing Revolution, it could be that she is a prospective buyer appropriate. Because he will be practice brokers.

What is the practice broker? Practice broker is a person who acts as a liaison among the two parties concerned. In practice more on those who would do the buying and selling. The broker using and following the rules, marketing revolution not wearing important rule offers viable.