tweeter marketingIt is no denying that Twitter is now increasing its benefits, especially for entrepreneurs. Especially if not as a promotional event! But, too often promoted also sometimes make us followers become saturated. As if just being spamming tweets. Or often be muted by our followers. Worse yet, maybe you could just unfollow or block. Therefore, before deciding to do twitter marketing, it’s good to see the first following 9 Tips Twitter Marketing!

  1. Twitter users in the world about 465 million. A very large potential should be maximized. For a very important set goals and targets for the number of followers.
  2. Twitter Make a plan, determination of content, time twit, who handles our brand twitter account.
  3. Focus to enlarge follower and up communication with the intense follower. The follower is a friend as well as prospective customers.
  4. Follower pleased with beneficial twit. Twit beneficial is that often in retweets: Tips, Motivation & Lectures Quote twitter.
  5. Perform monitoring intensively. Make sure if there are mentions / questions to be answered maximum of 1×24 hours.
  6. Do a status update on twitter minimum 10 and maximum twit 40/day.
  7. Make it interesting programs via twitter. Eg, quizzes, contests and other promotional programs. The goal is to build engagement follower.
  8. On twitter, we can also promotion of our products and most importantly, we can educate the market about our products (but remember do mostly sales)
  9. Measure our marketing strategy twitter. Measurements can be done to reach the total sales of twitter, follower growth, etc..

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