pussy riot

Pussy riot

World chess legend Garry Kasparov afraid to go back to Russia. He worried about the re-arrest and trial demonstrations related to his involvement in the anti-Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kasparov said he was away from Russia while 12 other protesters threatened with a long jail sentence.

The former world champion is actively fomenting anti-Putin campaign last few years. Several times Kasparov joined the protest to the streets.

Last year he was arrested for protesting outside the court cases Pussy Riot. He is now worried will be investigated further as part of a crackdown on the opposition if returned to Russia.

“I can go home to go traveling until the end of February, but it is now clear that I am likely to be part of the process of investigation into the political activities of protesters,” Kasparov said in Geneva on Wednesday, according to an audio tape posted on its website.

“Now I wonder if returning to Moscow, I probably will not get out again. So for now I resist the temptation to go back to Russia. ”

Kasparov expressed concern over the fate of 12 Russian citizens on trial in Moscow on charges of violence ahead of the inauguration Putint cope. Ten defendants examined from glass cages known as ‘aquarium’ while two times, which is not captured sitting on the couch.

Bolotnaya case hearing, the name of the square Moscow, where the violence occurred on May 6, 2012, opening a new sheet is said to be the eradication of dissidents. Equate criticism of the Kremlin as the courts in the Soviet era.

Putin signed a law restricting freedom according to activists and civic groups pressed so called opposition leader Alexei Navalny punished 10 years in prison. The trial was considered to be politically motivated. The defendants threatened with a similar fate.

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