When you think of the Kennedy clan, John, Robert, and Ted came to mind quickly. Live life outside the mainstream public eye, Eunice Kennedy Shriver has probably the most significant achievement of all the Kennedys.

In 1968 the world focused on the Olympic Games in Mexico City. Anne McGlone Burke, a Physical Education teacher in Chicago, had the idea to capitalize on the interest by having an Olympic-style athletic competition for city special needs students. Eunice is the head of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Foundation and has been running Camp Shriver in Potomac, Maryland, for those with intellectual disabilities. Unable to find enough funds and hear the work of Eunice, Burke approached him for support.

Eunice moved by the idea and the Special Olympics was born. In the nearly half century that has passed more than two and a half million people have participated in the Special Olympics and the lives of countless others who have been touched by the determination, persevering attitude, and the athletes.

Business applications


Eunice Kennedy Shriver is an example of business development for all business leaders and entrepreneurs. Looking for a way to support causes important to define yourself to the community. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s restaurant has a whole chain could be behind the adoption. Even after his death chain promotes adoption. Former Kmart Chairman Floyd Hall keen to help children resist peer pressure to take drugs. During his tenure special “DARE” event occurred in the Kmart parking lot around the country. Individuals have become associated with the cause. Jerry Lewis defined his career by engaging in Muscular Dystrophy. Princess Diana threw his support behind the abolition of landmines. And who could forget Bob Hope support American troops. And a long list of incredible. Do you distinguish your business behind the cause?

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