Name Zhang Xin, The Boss SOHO property company , set forth in the list of seven richest woman in China according to Forbes magazine. In addition to the name of China, the company is able to help the country move toward modernization architecture.

According to Forbes, Zhang wealth of U.S. $ 3.6 million. Much larger than the wealth of the Oprah Winfrey touted as the world’s billionaire women.

But who would have thought Zhang’s career began with a small working at the toy factory. CNN, Tuesday, July 2, 2013, he tells his groove.

Women 47 years was admitted was born in Beijing just before the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong. At that time, educated people like her parents must be sent to the farm for “re-education”. He returned to Beijing with his mother in a very poor state.

“I was born and grew when the city was very quiet. Were no cars, stores, lights, machines, and people just use the bike,” recalls Zhang.

At age 14, he and his mother moved to Hong Kong. As immigrants in occupied Britain, Zhang admitted difficulty adapting. “As new immigrants with no education, background, did not even speak the same dialect, Cantonese, very difficult to stay in Hong Kong,” he said.

In this city, Zhang sedentary work as low-paid workers in a toy factory, clothing and electronics. He’s saving up for his ideals study in the UK. Finally after five years, the money collected.

Zhang flew to England and got a scholarship the University of Sussex. He got his master’s degree in economics at the University of Cambridge. His first job as a professional is a broker at Goldman Sachs in New York, United States.

His salary was large and comfortable life while working on Wall Street. However, he decided to return to Beijing and met her future husband, Pan Shiyi. Together, they founded SOHO China in 1995. “There’s excitement about how the changing Chinese society at that time. I feel this country is really in transition and I want to be a part of it,” he said.

In a short time, SOHO becomes the largest commercial real estate developers in China. SOHO has more than 17 thousand square meter property in Beijing and Shanghai. SOHO master 18 famous buildings in Beijing, and 11 properties in Shanghai.

“I think women in the generation that felt the Cultural Revolution, has been through tough times, come from nothing, then saw a tremendous opportunity in China. So we just take advantage of the opportunity,” said Zhang.

However, despite the incredibly rich, Zhang said he did not want to spoil their children. He even urged one of the 14-year-old son to apply for a job at McDonald’s or KFC. His son was never tried, but was told he was too young.

“We want to give them a normal life. I am very, very tight with money. I do not give money unless they ask. Example ‘I was 100 yuan for lunch coupons,’ and others. So they do not have more money. But it’s still not the same as what I’ve experienced before, “said Zhang.

China has the richest women than most other countries, besides the United States. A total of six of 24 Forbes world’s richest women came from China.

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