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Ben S. Bernanke

The U.S. Central bank policy makers “very satisfied” with the planned Governor of the Fed, Ben S. Bernanke to start reducing purchases of bonds later this year if the economy improves, according to records of their meeting last July.

While some of them said tightening it needs to be done immediately.

“Almost all members of the committee agreed that changes in the bond purchase program have not been necessary, according to the records of the meeting of the Federal Commission on the Free Market (FMOC) on July 30-31, issued today in Washington was quoted by Bloomberg, on Thursday (22/08/2013). On that note also mentioned that several other officials say it’s time to immediately slow down purchases as outlined in the program.

“Some members of the committee stressed the importance of patience and evaluate additional information about the economy before deciding on any changes to the bond-buying effort,” according to the records. Almost all the participants of the meeting to make sure that they are very satisfied with the moderate stance in an effort to purchase securities commission later this year.

The debate between Bernanke and his colleagues related restrictions on the purchase of U.S. $ 85 billion spent per month has rocked financial markets starting from Jakarta, Mumbai and New York.

“They may start to limit purchases in September,” said Josh Feinman, global chief economist at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, which manages U.S. $ 400 billion.

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