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In the 1960s in the hands of humans almost only watch ” made ​​in Swizerland . ” Swiss -made watches that dominate market share above 60 percent . But 1980 market share of 15 percent of his stay .

In the 1970s , the world only knew the film roll Kodak and Fuji brand . Kodak is now gone , while Fuji evolved into the digital world ( lab , health , etc. ) . Several years ago , we also call Nokia as ” HP million people” , but last week we heard Nokia handset division acquired by Microsoft .

What is happening with the Brand Strong ? Is not there is also a strong brand that lived thousands of memories ?

When dealing with the declining Revenue from Sales , usually marketing executives questioned . Which one tamper branding , others unload sales , commission sales , packaging and so on . Though the problem may not be there . The problem is not inside the ” odds ” , but something has changed .


Who does not know Nokia ? In addition to a lot of people have become friends here , Nokia is a Harvard business case study very interesting . He switched from branded shoes to cell phones with a ” human touch” and ” connecting people . ” Shape is much more fashionable than its competitors : Motorola or Ericsson .

Of Nokia , at Harvard , executives learn how to build competitive advantage . Yes the competitiveness of enterprises , the competitiveness of the country ( Finland ) , to how policy makers to build clusters , complementary industries and pro -business policies that create jobs are productive and creative . We think , once obtained the competitiveness with the principles of sustainability will be . And it means prosperity .

But last week , Microsoft acquired Nokia handset division with a value of 7.2 billion U.S. dollars . Investors reacted negatively , because of both the Microsoft and Nokia , both are mired in pain . Everyone knows , the world is a drop in PC sales , so Microsoft needs to switch to the mobile devices business . It means that the industry itself is changing .

But Nokia itself as also been mired in the same trouble . The global market share of its conical , lived 15 percent . When trouble occurs , Nokia executives to do the same as other companies : Tampering with his brand of excellence . They then build a relationship with Microsoft , which is interested in using the software windows phone . But this solution is wrong . Brand Microsoft is not able to make a better Nokia . The market has switched to Android and Nokia always late to respond . For most analysts , the acquisition is also not able to make Microsoft as Apple loyalists who have already had in the category of mobile devices .

Chaos like in Nokia also have occurred in Kodak a few years ago , shortly after the hard times roll movie industry in 1970-1980 which occurs due to an increase in the price of silver ( raw material processing lab photography is important ) . Although in the 1980s the price of silver has again stabilized , Kodak executives chose to sit pretty . Whereas in the 1980s Sony began exploring digital cameras , and Fuji soon capture the opportunities .

Under Minoru Onishi , Fuji raise funds for the research of digital technology . At 1999 , total research investment in this area reached 2 billion U.S. dollars . So in 2003 , they have had more than 5,000 digital processing labs . They also explore the world of health ( rontgent ) , office automation , and manufactured for the floppy disk .

How Kodak reaction ? Kodak is still struggling around marketing : branding , location , pricing , packaging , advertising and so on . When Fuji has mastered digital processing lab , Kodak has a few dozen units. This is the beginning of the decline of Kodak, with the risk of a strong brand can die if you just run the marketing strategy course . Sales drop is not solely due to marketing wrong , but something has changed .

Industry analysis

Most of us generally learn marketing from old figures which emphasizes the importance of exploiting the advantages and uniqueness himself . With the analysis of Five -forces model of industry , we are confident that the competitive advantage needs to be reinforced with strategic matters within the brand .

But in the early 21st century, the business landscape has changed completely . Analysis of the industry that once we do in each of the industry has changed . The agents of change are no longer playing in the same area , so it has turned into a competition between the industry , even among business models . Cracking Zone in the book , I introduced a new category in the industry that I refer to as Cracker , which means those who renew the industry .

Well if , crackership outbreak has spread everywhere , clear competitive advantages and marketing a new issue can no longer walk on his own . The Even strong brand could suddenly turn into a problematic brand . Especially when top executives are too spoiled by the various facilities that make them feel comfortable .

They will very easily swayed the new business – modelist suddenly rob their advantage . That is what is happening in virtually every industry and gave birth to the theory in the transient analysis of a new industry .

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