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dick costolo twitterDick Costolo, CEO Twitter

With more than 500 million users , Twitter has grown rapidly to become the largest technology company in the world . Twitter influence in the world of technology is enormous . In the TechCrunch Disrupt event , one of the largest technology event in the world of hacking , Twitter CEO Dick Costolo gave his share to the participants on how to become successful business leaders . In short , Dick Costolo gave two simple tips that we can do , any kind of business.

Be a Leader Concerned With Employees , Not Concerned With Employees What We Think About

Most leaders are too focused beginner to do things that make them preferred employees . If you do that , then be prepared to fail . You have to give the order that will benefit the company , not that you are favored by certain employees . Give clear direction for the first day , in the interest of the company , not the employee . Take care with the ability of employees , and give them tasks according to his ability , not to give the task to reason that they think positively about you .

There Are Many Ways To Be Successful , Find Your Own Way

With the rapid advancement of technology and media world today, when there is a successful businessman , the news will spread rapidly throughout the world . The media will be happy to cover the secret of success of the person. Then , business beginners like us , it will usually imitate the person and turned out to fail . You should know that there are many ways to succeed . It could be how successful they just walk to them , that when you imitate , do not give a positive thing for you . Try to build a company , how to work , and culture in accordance with your own self , not others .